Carrier Control FAQs

Carrier Control FAQs

Topic #1 - OPEN Products - UPC

Q: Can I write my own custom UPC Program?

A: Yes - If you need examples, you can use equipment builder to build a program and then view it with snap (I-Vu 6.0)

Q: When I load a program in to the UPC and then connect with another P.C. using FA, I get and error about missing files, how do I fix this?

A: There is a new cumulative patch that was available Feb 2014, install that patch on your I-Vu and FA 6.0.  If you don't have the patch, make sure to uncheck optimize download to PIC controllers when loading the controller.  There was a bug that was discovered and fixed with the patch. Before the patch is applied, the I-Vu/FA thinks the UPC is a PIC.

Q: How many programs can I put in the UPC?

A: 2, however you can only talk to one CCN device at a time.


Topic #2 - OPEN Products - ZS Sensors

Q: Why would I use the ZS sensors versus the SPT sensors.

A: The ZS Sensor come in much more of a verity of choices. You can get Temp, Temp/Humidity, Temp/CO2, Temp/VOC, Temp/Humidity/CO2, Temp/Humidity/VOC combinations in one sensor versus using multiple sensor as previous.

Q: Do I have to do anything special to use the ZS Sensors

A: It depends on which version drivers you have in the controllers. The Drivers must be newer I-Vu 6.x Drivers. Controllers shipping after May 2014 should have the new drives in them.  The controllers can be field upgraded with the new drivers.

Topic #3 - OPEN Products - Missing File Error

Q: I am getting missing file errors when I connect to a controller. Why?

A: The source files have not been loaded in to the controller. This applies to PIC controllers and temporarily speaking, UPC controllers. When loading the controllers, the optimize for download option must be unchecked when the controllers are originally loaded.