Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

With VRF technology, heating and cooling only the spaces that need it is simple. These systems circulate the minimum amount of refrigerant needed for each individual zone to satisfy the building load. Since there are no ducts, this eliminates the energy waste associated with the duct loss.

Benefits of VRF

A single VRF system can power up to 64 independent indoor units, depending on the system. This provides superior zoning because the refrigerant flow can vary from location to location, delivering only the necessary capacity to each zone. 

  • Carrier is the only manufacturer in the marketplace that offers 2-and 3-pipe heat recovery systems to help better layout the system depending on your building layout design and needs.
  • Smaller equipment means a smaller footprint. No dedicated maintenance rooms or service shafts required.
  • Carrier offers longer pipe lengths and increased piping flexibility.
  • VRF systems available from Carrier can be easily reconfigured as building needs change.
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling allow you to heat and cool different rooms at the same time which minimizes energy loss and improves climate control.
  • With VRF offered from Carrier, you can easily integrate a single-phase VRF and a three-phase to create one system without any additional controls.
  • Unmatched Carrier support. Get the full experience and expertise of the Carrier support team behind you.

Learn more about Carrier’s VRF Solutions by watching this video from the AHR Expo!