Ductless Split Heat Pump Systems

Ductless Split Heat Pump Systems

Ductless split systems are perfect for

Ductless (ductfree) systems are an easy solution to bring comfort to "challenging" rooms without ductwork such as sunrooms or basements. And, Carrier's multi-zone systems can heat or cool up to 9 rooms with one outdoor unit.

Carrier's Infinity Cold-Climate Heat Pump System offers high efficiency and high performance, meeting Efficiency Vermont's standards for energy and utility cost savings. The Infinity cold-climate heat pump is ENERGY STAR-rated with up to 30.5 SEER and 10.3 HSFP and is perfect for Northeastern winters providing 80% heating capacity when it is -22 degrees outside.

Choose from our selection of “always in stock” Carrier ductless heat pump products designed to fit your budget and needs and built to last.

energy star logoCarrier Cold Climate Heat Pump is 30.5 SEERCarrier Infinity High Wall Cold Climate Heat PumpInfinity High-Wall Single-Zone Cold-Climate Heat Pump System:
High-efficiency and high-performance heat pump

One of Carrier's newest ductless heat pumps, it lives up to the Infinity name with a variable-speed compressor and up to 7 fan speeds. Other built-in features include smartphone control and timed settings on its wireless remote.  

  • ENERGY STAR-rated with up to 30.5 SEER and 10.3 HSPF
  • 80% heating capacity when it's -22 degrees outside
  • Low-profile with sleek lines in two colors to match any decor
  • Wireless remote control with 24-hour start/stop timer
  • Dehumidifying mode
  • 7 fan speeds

energy star logoCarrier Infinity multi-zone heat pumpInfinity Multi-Zone Heating and Cooling System:
Cool or heat up to 9 rooms without ductwork

As a multi-zone system, you can use different style indoor head units (high-wall, cassette, ducted, or floor console) that are supported by one outdoor variable-speed compressor. This allows you to enjoy quiet comfort in small or large spaces.

  • Up to 22 SEER and 11 HSPF
  • Wireless remote control with each indoor unit
  • Dehumidifying mode
  • Smart phone controls
  • Sleep mode
  • Auto restart after power failure

Uploaded Image: /uploads/Icons/Energy Star.gifUploaded Image: /uploads/Icons/Carrier-seer-23.gifCarrier Ductless (Ductfree) High-Wall Heating and Cooling System

Toshiba-Carrier RAS High-Wall Ductless Heating and Cooling System:
Quiet comfort and attractive design

Mounted on a small amount of wall space near the ceiling, these products fit seamlessly into nearly any decor. Comfort levels can be easily and precisely controlled using the infrared remote control. High-efficiency inverter-driven Toshiba-Carrier RAS series high wall units are extremely energy efficient, offer exceptional comfort, and are great alternatives to ducted systems.

  • Up to 23 SEER and 11 HSPF
  • Digital Inverter Compressor Technology allows this unit to provide both heating and cooling
  • Wireless remote control with 24-hour start/stop timer
  • Dehumidification mode
  • 5 fan speeds
  • Automatic air sweep

Uploaded File: /uploads/Icons/Energy Star.gifCarrier ductless split heat pump has an efficiency up to 16 SEER.

BETTERCarrier multi-split heat pumps provide both heat and air conditioning.
Performance Residential Ductless Heating and Cooling System: Cool up to 5 rooms with one outdoor unit

This Carrier ductless system offers the flexibility of connecting up to five extra-quiet high-wall indoor units to one outdoor unit delivering energy-efficient comfort. Ductless multi-split systems are connected only by refrigerant tubing and wires - no ductwork required. Inverter technology varies compressor speed to create even temperature without spikes.

  • Wireless remote control with 4 selectable fan speeds
  • Up to 16 SEER and 9.5 HSPF
  • System diagnostics
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Auto restart on power failure
  • Cleanable filters
  • 24 hour start/stop timer

energy star logoCarrier Cold Climate Heat Pump is 23.5 SEERPerformance High Wall Ductless Heat Pump SystemPerformance High-Wall Ductless Heating and Cooling System:
Dependable heating and cooling with variable speed converter

Performance series ductless systems offer the perfect balance between your budget limits and the best in energy savings and home comfort for your whole family.

This Performance Series is also available in single-zone floor console units (great for sun rooms), ceiling casettes, and ducted units to accommodate any type of room.

  • Up to 23.5 SEER and 10 HSPF
  • Wireless remote control with 4 indoor unit fan speeds
  • Auto louver mode
  • Auto restart on power failure
  • Indoor sound as low as 23 decibels
  • Wireless remote with sleep mode

Carrier Heat Pump is 15 SEERComfort Ductless High Wall Heating & Cooling SystemComfort Series Ductless High-Wall Split System: An economical solution with variable speed, this unit takes care of all your home heating and coooling needs.

When traditional ducted systems are not practical, consider using a ductless split system. High-wall systems are mounted against or near your ceiling to evenly distribute warm and cool air for year-round comfort. The MV series high-wall systems are an economical solution for your ductless split needs.

  • 15 SEER
  • 8.2 HSPF
  • Specific temperature setting adjustments
  • Motorized louver allows fixed or oscillating motion
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Indoor sound as low as 31 decibels
  • Wireless remote control with sleep mode

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