Carrier 3V Packaged Control System

Carrier's 3V Control System is perfect for light commercial applications. The 3V Control System integrates DDC controls with world-class HVAC equipment electronically to continually monitor and meet the various comfort requirements for your building.

Regardless of your application, whether it's a commercial office building, healtcare or education facility, or public space, Carrier's 3V Packaged Control System will deliver precise comfort.

The 3V Packaged Control System features:

  • Primary Controllers
  • Air Source Controllers
  • Other Controllers (Single-Duct Air Terminal Zone Controller, VAV Fan Terminal Zone Controller, Universal Ancillary Device Controller)
  • Primary Interface Devices
  • Other Interface Devices (i-Vu CCN, ComfortVIEW, CCN-WEB)
  • Dampers
  • Sensors

Contact us for further information and help with configuring your new control system.