Carrier WeatherExpert Rooftop Units

The WeatherExpert™ Series of commercial rooftop units are now offered in 3- to 23-ton sizes. And new models use the exact footprint (24.5 square feet) and cabinet sizes established in the 1980s making this perfect for replacement and new construction.

Carrier's WeatherExpert Rooftop Units are designed to maintain product familiarity by taking advantage of common parts from existing Carrier rooftop designs. The 3- to 23-ton units are available with three stages of capacity control using scroll compressors and Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) outdoor fan motors. The indoor fan motor is controlled by the Staged Air Volume (SAV) system to match fan operation to the unit's staging compressors.

RJ Murray offers units in gas/electric, electric/electric, or cooling only, and with a range of factory options, such as energy-efficient air economizers, smoke detectors, and more.

WeatherExpert units feature Puron® refrigerant, provide easy access for routine maintenance, and integrate with Carrier's i-Vu® system controls.

And, the Carrier WeatherExpert Packaged Rooftop Units offer IEER ratings up to 21.0, exceeding the Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) tier II performance criteria, which many utilities use for rebates. The system also meets or exceeds all current Energy Star® energy requirements, with some models exceeding standards by more than 84 percent.

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