Carrier ESS Proposal System

Carrier Electronic Selling Software Proposal Systems (ESS)Carrier's new Electronic Selling Software Proposal System is a web-based proposal software program that provides your customers four options (Best, Better, Good, Budget) to buy on a single proposal with virtually unlimited flexibilty of heating and cooling equipment, description of HVAC products and services, gross margins, commissions, buy-downs, credits and rebates.

The system is web-based so it is always current, synced, and in real time. All proposal features are customizable and you can stream product and upgrade videos.

Dealers who use the ESS Proposal System:

  • Win 12.5% more jobs
  • Sell above the budget 93% of the time
  • Sell the better or best system over 73% of the time
  • Increase their average sales by 21%

The proven no-fail system also offers live technical support and sales training.

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