Energy Demand System Overview

Designed for any brand of rooftop units, Carrier’s Energy Demand System provides reliable and automated processes to manage the costs of energy usage. Carrier’s Energy Demand System uses low-cost, wireless devices incorporating patented algorithms to create a powerful network of rooftop units that are coordinated to reduce and optimize their energy usage. 

The ideal application for the Carrier Energy Demand System is an installation consisting of five or more rooftop units. An Energy Demand System network of up to 50 units can be created for each energy demand gateway. (See Fig. 1.)  When an energy demand load controller is attached to each rooftop unit in the network, the load controller deduces the operating characteristics of the unit.

Plus, Carrier's Energy Demand System will work on new installations or can be retrofitted for existing rooftop units from any manufacturer.

Selection Guidance:

In general, one accessory is required for each rooftop to be monitored and controlled. However, one must consider that different accessories are required for a single building:

Energy Demand Gateway:

Contains an AT&T cellular modem and a coordinator controller kit, is mounted to the most centrally located RTU on a building, handles the energy management of that specific RTU, and wirelessly connects up to 49 additional Load Controllers.

Energy Demand Load Controller:

Contains one load controller kit, is mounted to each individual remaining RTU on a building, and handles the energy management of that specific RTU.

Selection Example (Figure 1):

An example building is shown below and has (or will have) 7 rooftop units.

Carrier Energy Demand System Example

In this example, the centrally located unit (RTU-4) is most suited to handle the Energy Demand Gateway accessory kit, while the remaining RTUs will each have one Energy Demand Load Controller accessory kit.

Thus, for this specific job, the following quantities would be provided to the customer:

  • Energy Demand Gateway – Qty 1
  • Energy Demand Load Controller – Qty 6

Commissioning is largely completed by the staff at the REGEN Energy Operation Center.

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