Do Not Ship Compressors Via UPS

From time to time we get calls from distributors requesting to have hermetic, rotary or scroll compressors shipped via UPS. This typically happens when a distributor needs 1-5 pieces to meet a customer requirement.

When this occurs, and UPS is often requested as the primary carrier, we have experienced a high incidence of compressor damage and abuse.  

RCD will not ship hermetic compressors by UPS.  

If a distributor insists on compressors being shipped by UPS, it will be at the distributor’s own risk and expense. The order must have “third party” billing instructions indicated in the “Mark for” notes. Ootherwise, RCD will change the shipment method to something other than UPS.  

For any compressor shipments made via UPS, Carrier Corporation will not assume responsibility if the compressor is lost or damaged. 

Please note that UPS has a $100.00 maximum limit on their liability should a compressor be lost or damaged. The distributor, furthermore, will need to work with UPS directly to settle any claims as a result of requesting UPS as the compressor delivery method. 

If you have any questions, contact an RCD customer service representative at 315-432-7278 or email