My Learning Center

hvac-online-training-by-my-learning-centerMy Learning Center on is the place to go for all types of online classes including video courses and 3D simulation and VR instruction.

In addition to online/mobile courses, you can also register for many of the Carrier factory courses.

Many of the courses offer qualifying NATE credits as well.

Not just for HVAC techs!

My Learning Center offers courses for all roles within your HVAC company including:

  • Sales Staff
  • Customer Service & Support Staff
  • Financial Operations
  • Marketing
  • Service Managers
  • HVAC Service Technicians

Sample courses offered:

  • Diagnosing AC Systems (3 hour of NATE credit)
  • Thermostats & Heating Controls (2 hours of NATE credit)
  • Gas Furnace Troubleshooting 3D Simulation/VR Ready (12 hours of NATE credits)
  • Symbols & Wiring Diagrams (2 hours of NATE credit)
  • Business Owners Bootcamp
  • Peak Performance Selling
  • Lead Generation
  • Running a Service Agreement Program
  • Take Your Company to the Next Level: Positioning for Growth
  • Customer Service Teamwork
  • And more

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